Reactions to “Designing Peace”

IIHA interns reflect on their visit to the “Designing Peace” exhibit

Meghan | Visiting the “Designing Peace” exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Museum was an eye-opening experience unique from most museum ventures in New York City. The exhibition did a fantastic job highlighting the diverse ways civil society can harness the power of design as an agent of peace. Through the exhibition’s interactive nature, visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves within different human experiences during conflict. Whether it was sitting within the blue walls of Casa Azul or taking a gander into ordering at the Conflict Kitchen, each design was brought to life. Their tangibility allowed viewers to envision their purpose in maintaining peace and added a new dimension to the power of the exhibition. The integration of technology throughout the exhibition also contributed to its engaging qualities. It was interesting being able to dictate which parts of humanitarian history I was interested in learning more about; these stations created a truly personalized experience and helped me navigate through the exhibition.



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